Web Design & Development

Our Approach

We take the design and development of your website very seriously. A website design is not about using a template and placing some boxes in it, there has to be a meaningful connection between the content, design and the user. Every business is unique and hence the design also has to be unique. We try to understand the nature of business of the client, their target audiences and come up with a design which serves them best. 


We sit with your team and understand your nature of business and requirements


We finalise the deliverables together and arrive at a timeline for the project


We prepare initial mockups and wireframes based on the requirement


Upon client approval, we start building the functional layout of the website


We share a preview with the client for their approval & feedback


We then do thorough testing of the website for any bugs or issues


At this stage we are ready to deploy the website on your domain


We provide documentation and training to your in house team to publish updates


How can we help you?

We specialize in building customer facing applications which act as the front end of your business ranging from basic websites to e-commerce and more complex portals. We develop holistic solutions with a marketing stack in place to build and grow your business.


  • Basic website consisting of no more than 5 pages
  • Fully responsive website
  • Built on wordpress CMS


  • Multiple pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Forms to capture leads
  • Built on WordPress CMS
  • Integrations such as CRM, push notifications etc


  1. Built on WooCommerce or Shopify
  2. Responsive Design
  3. Ecommerce functionality like product pages, category pages, search, filtering, payment gateway integration
  4. 3rd party integrations like email, SMS gateway, whatsapp etc.

We have built complex websites for booking appointments, event registrations and more. Do get in touch with us for your specific requirement.

All Projects Include


SSL Certificate

Latest Web Standards

Fully Responsive


Basic SEO

1 month support

Have a Project on mind?

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