Unlocking the power of WordPress
Unlocking the power of WordPress

WordPress Development

Did you know? Among CMSes, WordPress has over 60% market share92% of WordPress vulnerabilities come from PluginsPoor WordPress development practices result in poor CX & ROI

Explore the full potential of WordPress development for businesses of all sizes with Wundapix Technologies. From simple blogs to complex websites, we can build the perfect solution with WordPress. From creating SEO friendly, content focused websites to custom, feature-rich websites with a wide range of options and features, such as forums, content management, user profiles, ecommerce stores etc., we can leverage the full potential of WordPress to suit your needs.

Wordpress Development Services, Hyderabad, India

Our WordPress Services include

WordPress Websites

We design websites with security, mobile responsiveness, and SEO in mind. Your dynamic content, like case studies and news, is showcased effortlessly.

Portal Development

We specialize in portal development, creating custom solutions for Learning Management Systems (LMS), membership sites, real estate listing portals, travel listing portals, and more.

Woocommerce Store

We specialize in events & workshop registration sites, reservation booking, online appointment booking sites, online stores for wellness, fashion & more.

3rd party integration & Automations

We specialize in 3rd-party integrations, weaving together email, SMS, WhatsApp, chatbots, CRM, and more for a seamless customer experience.

Plugin Development

We excel in WordPress plugin development, crafting custom solutions to enhance website functionality, for SEO, website security and e-commerce applications.

Securing WordPress

We offer comprehensive WordPress security services. We conduct in-depth audits to spot vulnerabilities, and apply fixes, allowing you to concentrate fully on your business operations.

Why Wundapix
Why Wundapix

Our WordPress Development Process

At Wundapix, we specialize in unleashing WordPress’s full potential. We kick off by analyzing your business needs, then dive into designing the user experience and interface. Next, we bring the functional aspects to life and rigorously test across devices and browsers. Our team of experts, with their extensive skills and experience, can create a tailored WordPress site that perfectly matches your requirements.




Business Case Analysis

We take a close look at your business requirements, diving deep into understanding your target audience's needs, wants, and preferences. This personal approach guides our journey in creating a successful website for you.

UX & UI Design

After pinning down your business needs, our development team dives into crafting the user experience and interface for your WordPress site. This includes designing the layout, mapping out navigation, and perfecting the site's look and feel.

Development & Testing

In this phase, we work on the site's content, set up the database, and handle coding to ensure flawless functionality. We also rigorously test the website across devices and browsers for universal compatibility.

Why Wundapix
Why Wundapix

Our WordPress Development Process

We specialize in unlocking the full potential of WordPress. Our comprehensive WordPress development process begins with analyzing the business requirements, then moves onto crafting the user experience and interface design. Finally, we develop the functional aspects of the site and test it across multiple devices and browsers. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to create a customized WordPress site that meets your exact needs.

Business Case Analysis

We carefully analyze the business requirements to determine the best way to develop the desired result. This includes researching the target audience, understanding their needs and wants, and developing a plan to create a successful website.


UX & UI Design

Once the business requirements have been established, the development team will begin creating the user experience and interface designs for the WordPress site. This involves designing the website layout, building the navigation structure, and creating the aesthetics of the site.


Functional Development

This involves developing the site’s content, creating the database, and coding the site to ensure that it functions correctly. This step also includes testing the website on different devices and browsers to ensure that it works properly across all platforms.


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